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Digitalisation and Innovation in Health care. Work with experts to improve your business model, customer service and products.

A Digitalisation and Innovation company

What happens when innovation becomes real? Our innovations and answers have resulted in new products and brought ideas into reality. We fall in love with the problem and develop sustainable solutions.

To support a healthy life

It’s our mission to make the lives of people healthier. We develop health innovations ready for the market.

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We invest a lot of time in learning from different markets and adopting new ideas. Every week we share an idea or company that has inspired us.

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Meet the team. Our killer mix of people full of bright ideas


Data specialist



The captain of our data team. The transformer of numbers into insights.


Charles Smeets

Founder & Senior Advisor



When you want to visit new galaxies and understand the potential of your spaceship.


Hendrik Jan van Wylick

Research Specialist



He draws the blueprints of every new voyage.


Maartje Booij

Project Lead



If you want to fly to the moon and be there on time with tight deadlines and a lot of fun.


Natasha Smit

Editor & Interviewer



For the best stories of our voyages and documentation of our work.


Raoul Petersen

Innovator & Project Lead



Navigates safely between the stars and keeps you away from the asteroids.


Renata Sidorenko

Graphic designer & Business developer



The person who designs our galaxy and develops new worlds.


Thierry Emmery

UX / UI Designer



The only person in our team that can change the position of the stars and make them shine brighter.


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